Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Beware the Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes
The fact that there are now more than 1 million electronic cigarette users in the UK clearly shows vaping is not a passing fad. Far too many smokers have now switched for that to be the case. Many others, while they haven’t completely given up tobacco altogether, have reduced their tobacco consumption substantially by replacing the use of traditional cigarette with the increasingly popular electronic alternative.Two men in their Range Rover vaping electronic cigarettes from Buypu As a result, news outlets are regularly informing us that:
we don’t know enough about what’s in best vaporizers
e-cigarettes are still bad because they contain nicotine
there is insufficient data to claim e-cigarettes are useful for smoking cessation.
Like you, the team at Buypu have heard all of the warnings many times over. Yet we believe such warnings do not get to the heart of the issue. Therefore, as a public service, we want to make you aware of the following dangers of electronic cigarettes. It is important to note that once you know the dangers, you are using the devices at your own risk.
Financial – One of the most serious dangers of electronic cigarettes is that they take money out of the hands of tobacco producers. Why? Because e-cigarettes cost up to 70% less than traditional tobacco cigarettes do. When Big Tobacco companies loses that kind of money, it could and more than likely will be devastating to their bottom line.
Healthcare – E-cigarette users around the world report that they are finding breathing easier and generally feeling better after switching. One look at comments left on the E-cigarette Forum – or even our own website – clearly shows that people are suffering fewer health issues after switching. This will and already is having an impact on health care professionals who rely on tobacco-related diseases for their livelihoods.
Government – Unbelievably, the e-cigarette industry presents a substantial danger to governments all over the world. If electronic cigarettes replace tobacco on store shelves as some analysts predict, governments will likely lose a tremendous amount of tax revenue. That’s a real and present danger they are not happy having to deal with.
Smoking Bans – Electronic cigarettes pose a very real danger to existing smoking bans too. That danger comes by way of the fact that e-cigarettes do not produce any smoke at all. No smoke means they are usable in most public places in the UK where smoking has been banned. If we can successfully convince every tobacco smoker to make the switch, there would no longer be a need for smoking bans.
Pharmaceuticals – You might not know it, but prescription pharmaceuticals used for smoking cessation are not all they are trumpeted to be. In fact, these pharmaceuticals are issued with black box warnings in the United States. E-cigarettes are dangerous to these pharmaceuticals because they make them obsolete and fairly dangerous by way of comparison. Who needs a black box pharmaceutical when an e-cigarette offers a far better tobacco alternative? All of the staff at Buypu believe it is our responsibility to warn you about the dangers of electronic cigarettes so that you can make appropriate decisions for yourself. If you are concerned about the fate of the tobacco industry, Big Pharma, government tax coffers, and the segment of healthcare devoted to treating smoking-related diseases, then it is of course your choice if you wish to continue using tobacco cigarettes. Smokers concerned more about their own well-being should do just the opposite. E-cigarettes from Buypu can replace your tobacco entirely, if you choose, or be used as a part-time supplement; the choice is entirely yours. Buypu carries a great variety of disposable and rechargeable models suitable for any budget and smoking preference.

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