Easy Vape 5 Review

The Easy Vape 5 digital vaporizer is the newest vaporizer from YA Industries which are recognized for manufacturing good quality vaporizers which can be bought for a low price. The Easy Vape 5 keeps the same box style from its predecessor but has a fresh new ‘alarm clock’ look which is very sleek and sure be a great addition to any household.

Like its predecessor, the Easy Vape 5 is a box style vaporizer with a whip/tube which is used to toke. The whip is also clear which makes for easier vaping. It’s made from a tough heat resistant plastic but yet very lightweight, it comes in a choice of five colors: Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Red & Black and even has a replacement fuse should there be an electrical surge.

As the same as most vaporizers the unit needs switched on, set to its maximum temperature and left for 15-20 minutes to burn off any oils left over from manufacturing process, make sure to do this in a ventilated area. Once the unit has cooled down it is ready to be prepared. When placing your herb into the bowl please ensure you don’t over fill the bowl or pack it down too tightly for optimum vaping. I use roughly about 0.3 grams of dried herb but personal preference, how big of a hit you want and how dry your herb is will have an impact on this. The Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer sports an illuminated LCD screen which displays the set temperature and the temperature it’s currently at which is accurate to about 3 degrees Celsius, normally you would have to pay extra to have this feature in a vaporizer model. Trying different temperatures is the best way to find your personal preference. There is also the option to set an automatic switch off time which I think is fantastic. The vaporizer normally takes about 2 minutes to heat up then it’s ready to be used. To start vaping you need to place the wand over the heating element, I personally leave it there for thirty seconds to heat up a bit then let the toking commence. Long steady tokes is the key for a consistent flow of vapor. Results wise it produces a nice tasting vapor which certainly satisfied my needs but the amount of vapor seemed to be a bit irregular despite the fact I was using the same amount of herb for each session.

The Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer is pretty hard to beat taking into account all its features for the price it retails for. Yes it is far from the best vaporizer round but it is a quality piece of kit all the same with great novelty value, I would recommend it to anyone purchasing a vaporizer for the first time and anyone wanting one for the house but looking for something more stealthy/inconspicuous than a standard vaporizer.

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